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Project Highlights

1 MW Solar PV - Operational

1 MW Solar PV - Operational

Old Alabama Road, Woodland, GA achieved commercial operation on December 13, 2013.  Radiance Solar served as EPC, with its partner Cantsink.  Other partners included SolarMax, Inc. for PV inverters; ReneSola for solar modules; and GameChange Racking for the fixed-tilt, driven-pile racking.

Hecate Energy purchased property from a local landowner and also involved local contractors whenever possible.


3 MW Solar PV - Operational

3 MW Solar PV - Operational

Forbes Street, East Providence, RI reached commercial operations in December 2013.  The project is located on the former Forbes Street municipal landfill, which was capped in the early stages of the solar power plant construction.  

Hecate Energy worked in close collaboration with its development partner CME Energy and with the City of East Providence.  

Recent Headlines

06.04.2014 - Hecate Energy awarded USTDA Grant under the U.S. Africa Clean Energy Finance Initiative

Today, U.S. Trade and Development Agency Director Zak signed a grant to fund a feasibility study, which will be cost shared with U.S. energy developer Hecate Energy, for the University of Dodoma in Tanzania. The project will evaluate cost-effective solar photovoltaic solutions that can replace existing diesel generation and provide dedicated power to the University's Health Sciences Diagnostic Center and the surrounding community.

05.05.2014 - Hecate Energy has been awarded a 1 -megawatt (MW) DC project under Georgia Power’s 2014 Medium-Scale Advanced Solar Initiative (GPASI)

As part of this program, Georgia Power accepted qualified bids from project developers to award a total of 34 MW of solar PV allocation for projects between 100-kilowatts and 1-MW located in Georgia Power’s service territory. The GPASI program, now in its second year since initiation, was highly competitive; Georgia Power received over 1,200 applications entered for the Small and Medium-Scale project allocations. Hecate Energy’s new solar PV project will be located to the west of Rome, Georgia in a commercial/industrial area close to a major state highway. 

Key Principles

It's more than magic. After 20 years in the energy industry, I still believe that the single best model for success remains collaboration:  bringing communities, utilities, developers and government agencies together. It means your families, your friends, your neighbors and your colleagues have a shared stake in success.

Chris Bullinger, President


Now is THE best window of opportunity that we have ever seen for building alternative power plants. Ratepayers can benefit from the cost structures settling around fundamental pricing--all the while improving capital markets increasingly provide the financial structuring to better fund projects.  Green is good.

Nick Bullinger, COO


Not all power plants are created equal. For example, Best of Breed solar panels, trackers and inverters often lack optimal design and operating efficiencies. There's no single, absolute, answer for solar plant design but there are certainly countless ineffective ones! We doggedly pursue the best path for our clients.

Fazli Qadir, EVP, EPC & CTO

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