About Us

Hecate Energy

Hecate Energy is a leading developer, owner and operator of renewable power projects and storage solutions in North America and select international markets.

We specialize in clean energy and energy storage projects, from planning and inception through construction and operation.

We discover and deploy creative approaches to structuring power purchase agreements and financing for power projects in the United States, North America, and abroad.

We believe in collaborative, long-term, partnerships with the clients and communities we serve.

Hecate Grid

Hecate Grid is an emerging force in North American energy storage.

A jointly owned platform of Hecate Energy and InfraRed Capital, a $12-plus billion infrastructure fund.

Launched in September 2018, its initial portfolio included 126 megawatt-hours of operating and contracted energy storage assets. Today the platform has over 2.5 GW of projects in development.

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Our Name

Hecate -- pronounced “HEK-uh-tee” -- is the Greek goddess of the crossroads whose domain included the earth, sea and sky.

Our name reflects our mission of developing power generation resources at the crossroads of traditional and emerging technologies.

Our logo evokes the circle of trust shared by a company, its clients and the community when a power project is developed and operates with respect for the people it serves.

Our Projects